What’s #2017MakeNine?

March 9, 2017

It started in December 2015, right before the new year rang in, when the Instagram hashtag #2015BestNine started trending as users shared their nine most liked photos from the course of the year. Rather than share a BestNine I decided to share a MakeNine for the coming year in order to help me narrow down my focus and head into 2016 with some clear goals in mind. It really helped me a lot so I decided to repeat the challenge this year, too. It’s now March and the challenge technically kicked off in January but after changing my Instagram handle from @rochelle_new to @homerowfiberco I wanted to take the opportunity to check-in and follow up, especially since a lot of people have been asking “What’s #2017MakeNine? Can I join?”

The short answer is Yes! Everyone and anyone can! #2017MakeNine is simply a small challenge for makers of all kinds who want to narrow down their endless list of patterns to work through and focus on just nine things to kick off the new year. It’s that simple! Why nine? Well it mirrored the BestNine challenge and it makes for such a satisfying grid of tiny photos to share doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Obviously you can make more than nine things over the course of the year, I definitely will, but it’s so helpful and motivating to have a visual guide that says “Yes, this is my action plan. This is where I will start”.

There is no real deadline except your goal is to finish your nine selected items before 2018. You can join in whenever and make items whenever. Work at your own pace. Some makers could sew nine things in a month, and for others it’s a struggle to finish just one thing each month. Everyone’s schedule is different and that’s okay. If 2018 starts closing in and you haven’t finished your nine selected patterns that’s totally okay, too. This challenge is a small boost meant to be encouraging and motivating – Not stressful!

So how do I pick my nine things?
A lot of people, myself included, have trouble trying to pick just nine things when you know you want to make ALL THE THINGS. Just pick nine things to start with, or nine things that inspire you the most and get you super excited to dive in and get making. If you know you’ll make more than nine things over the course of the year, maybe you’ll compile one MakeNine board for knitting, one for sewing, one for stash busting, or one for gift projects you’ve been meaning to make for others. You can make as many boards as you need to!

You may be working towards a capsule wardrobe or trying to make it through patterns already in your stash. Maybe you’re looking ahead to Me Made May or Slow Fashion October and picking patterns based on those challenges. Think about the bigger picture of why you like to sew/knit/quilt/make and let that inspire you.

You can read my #2017MakeNine goals on my personal blog, Lucky Lucille. A bigger goal of mine as an extension of one of my Make Nine patterns is to replace all of my store bought t-shirts with homemade versions. I’m slowly working towards a homemade capsule wardrobe which is what’s inspiring me and influencing the things I choose to make.

So how do I make a board to share?
There have also been some questions on how to share your pattern photos in a nine block grid. There are many free apps to help you do this including Instagram’s own Layout app, and one I like to use called PicFrame. I’ve also seen some really creative photos of nine patterns laid out flat on the floor and shared as one photo.

Don’t forget to tag and credit other makers and designers if you use their photos in your board, and use the official hashtag #2017MakeNine so everyone can see what you’re working towards this year! As you finish projects from your board be sure to share those, too! Share, celebrate, and triumph in checking things off your list. It feels good.

If you’re new to the challenge, it’s never too late to join in. You can jump in any time! Check out all the photos in the #2017MakeNine tag so far if you need some inspiration on where to start.

I can’t wait to see what you make!

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