The Season Of Change

If you’re reading this journal entry you likely found it through my newsletter, or my Instagram account (which I’ve taken a much-needed break from), or perhaps you’ve been with me since my blogging days at Lucky Lucille? Do you remember the heyday of blogging? Instagram killed the blog post much like video killed the radio star and lately I’m recognizing the nuanced ways in which the “insta” format has utterly stifled my creativity, which is ironic seeing as how Instagram is allegedly a space for creators.

I haven’t picked up my camera, my actual camera camera, in such a long time and I want that to change. I want to share my thoughts and photos in a space that’s not impacted by likes or how entertaining or “share-worthy” anyone thinks it is, it’s just here. Here for me to reflect on and revisit, and here for you to enjoy with me if you want to.

I appreciate the end of August as a marker for the coming of my most favorite season. This liminal space between summer and autumn is a season of change and I, like some of my favorite backyard visitors, have been feeling it.

If you’re a fellow Bird Nerd in the northeast you know that August is the month where blue jays molt aggressively and tend to lose all of the feathers on their heads all at once. It’s shocking and hilarious to see! Other animals, like my woodchuck friend Charlotte Norris (Chuck for short, of course), are changing more slowly. Her transformation started the moment she woke up from hibernation back in March and ate a meal for the first time in months. Every meal she’s eaten since then is a nourishing, restorative action as she prepares for her next cycle of hibernation.

This nourishing, restorative action is instinctual self-care for her, performed solely for the betterment of herself and not for the entertainment of anyone else. Though speaking of entertainment, watching furry woodland animals stuff their cheeks IS one of my favorite things! I often wonder if ‘Chuck Norris The Woodchonk’ would go viral if she had her own Instagram account. I bet she wood ๐Ÿ˜‰

Writing, taking photos, making, sharing — all of these forms of creative expression are restorative, nourishing actions for me that I used to participate in regularly through blogging. What happened to my instinct for self-care through this type of creative enrichment? I could easily blame it on social media, but that’s a post for another day.

Personal growth and positive enrichment are two essential ingredients for happiness. Let this blog post be a recognition of change and a declaration of thanks to the blue jays, my friend Chuck, and the liminal late summer for reminding me that the path to happiness is paved by shed feathers, hearty meals, and other nourishing acts for the self.

Welcome back to my blog <3

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This was such a warm and lovely post, thank you for sharing! I have blue jays in my tree quite far north in Canada, and have never seen them molt like that!




A beautiful sight for my breakfast this morning and enjoying your wildlife which is very different to ours. Lovely to hear your words and appreciate the thoughts.

Kathie Laposata

So glad you are back. Instagram has never caught my interest. I love reading blogs and seeing what is happening in other’s worlds. I’ve seen cardinals molt, but never our bluejays. Their dinosaur background shows through. Thanks.


Yup Iโ€™ve been reading since Lucky Lucille days and I miss longform posts so much! Wonderful to read, hope youโ€™re recovering well <3


So good to see that youโ€™re back to blogging! I have been following you since the Lucky Lucille blog. And I can absolutly relate to the feeling that Instagram kills creativity. These days I keep my account just as a picture diary and have a timelock to keep my scrolling under 15 minutes. Just enough time to look at my favorite accounts. Iโ€™m looking forward to getting to follow your blog again.

Lelia Lyon

I think other creative type’s are feeling this way as well, the yearn to share without the need for “likes” or “reaching more followers.” I absolutely followed you way back in the day (remember the Colette sewing book sewalongs? I adored those!!) I agree so much with all of your thoughts, happy late summer to you and I look forward to reading and seeing more on here!


Glad you are back! Love these photos! I enjoy blogs so much more than IG!


Welcome back to blogging ๐Ÿ™‚


Yay, hi Rochelle! I’m another long time blog follower(like Lelia above I remember loving the Colette book sewalongs. Your meringue skirt was so flipping cute!)

Great to catch up with you and see wildlife in another part of the world from me. I’ve previously tried and can’t get on board with Instagram. It’s largely too curated and “shiny” with too much pressure for new, regular content. It’s draining, which certainly doesn’t help my creativity either!


Thanks for sharing


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