The Rosewood Shawl by Tamy Gore

I started my last project post with “Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite shawl!” and I think that will probably be the recurring theme with each new shawl I finish. But can you blame me?!

What is it that’s so satisfying about knitting shawls? That’s a rhetorical question because I know the answer, at least for me, is I love the interesting construction of a triangular shawl (as opposed to a standard scarf), and literally wrapping yourself up in the magic of wool when you’re finished is something truly special.

Unlike my last shawl, this was a pretty quick knit for me! My friend Jocelyn and I cast-on together for a casual long-distance KAL. We chose the same yarn base to work with (an organic wool that Jocelyn carries in her shop) and text each other routinely to keep ourselves motivated and on track with progress.

If you’ve yet to knit a shawl pattern by Tamy Gore, you must remedy that immediately! Tamy has so many incredibly beautiful shawl patterns in her shop. Like, so many. I found myself buying several and not being able to cast-on any of them fast enough, let alone decide which one to start with first, hence the decision to start a new project with a friend.

I picked the designer, Jocelyn picked the pattern and yarn, then we each picked our own color palette.

Outfit Details

Shawl Pattern: Rosewood by Tamy Gore
Yarn: Lovely Merino Treat in Verdigris, Haze, & Tea
T-Shirt: A gift from my friend izznit
Pants: Secondhand via ThredUP
Wig: Ambrose 18″ in Moonlit Orchid

As with most of my knits, this shawl has some areas of artistic license where I deviated from the pattern slightly.

In this case it was because the Rosy Green skeins have less yardage than the pattern calls for per color. Rather than wind a second skein to finish the last few rows, I just spit spliced the new color in early and continued on, using every inch of all three colors. I also have an extra row in between two of my eyelet rows in the Tea (lilac) color, but an untrained eye would never know that.

The way I joined my second and third colors made me prefer the back side of my shawl over the front, which I don’t mind because I love how the center seam is more defined on the intended wrong side of the shawl.

Instead of ending my shawl in the striped pattern, I have a wider block of Haze (after running out of Tea), followed by a final block of solid purple in a slightly different shade. I pulled yarn from my stash to finish this final block, using O-Wash Fingering in Pearly Mussel held double to mimic the DK wight.

Even though this change in the stripes was born of necessity and not planned, I always enjoy how “mistakes” like this make my projects uniquely mine and truly one-of-a-kind.

Check out the O-Wool Instagram feed to see a sneak peek of Jocelyn’s Rosewood Shawl. I love the colors she chose for hers!


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