The Fabrics

Oh hi there. If you’re reading this now, you likely found one of my portable yarn bowls at your local LYS and wanted to learn more about the fabric it’s made from. I appreciate you for that. That means you’re curious like me, a natural-born investigator not unlike The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (p.s. if you like yarn and appreciate the pretty fabric and know Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries then we might as well start calling each other BFF right now).

Not only am I a natural born investigator but I’m also a natural born mind-wanderer. I like letting my imagination wander with the littlest thought as those small thoughts evolve on paper, then through my computer and on to become something tangible and exciting to hold: Fabric! All of my fabric designs start with a small narrative in my head. Each print has a story that sparked it and I enjoy putting these tiny stories out into the world so you might cross paths with them, fall in love and then add your own story to it.

This page is a new addition to the site and is still a work in progress. I hope you’ll check back and follow along on my personal blog, Lucky Lucille, for more in-depth fabric stories. In the meantime, here’s a way-back look at the prints in their early development: Valentine, Deerly Beloved, Bear Spirit, Wielder of Needles, and Lucky Lucille.