The Chiral Shawl by Leila Raven

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite shawl! It’s the Chiral Shawl, designed by Leila Raven, knit in my very own Organic Merino Worsted wool. The color is called Hedge Mistress and though I formulated the dye recipe with springtime in mind, I love how perfectly it transitions to a fall color as well.

After retiring my old blog because of creative burnout I promised myself I’d embrace the slow in Slow Fashion when creating and sharing projects this time around. This shawl is certainly proof of me staying true to my word.

I actually started knitting this shawl back in October 2020, I finished knitting it in June, and now I’m finally photographing and sharing it here in November.

Leila’s patterns are so well-written and such an utter joy to knit! Chiral is deceptively simple and yet never boring. There’s no reason why it took me so long to finish other than I wasn’t in any hurry, so why rush?

Outfit Details

Shawl Pattern: Chiral by Leila Raven
Yarn: Organic Merino Worsted in Hedge Mistress
Leggings and Tunic: Secondhand via ThredUP
Boots: Timberland (many, many seasons old!)
Wig: Danica by CysterWigs in Moonlit Orchid

Each little stitch of this shawl was an understated magical spell of self-care for me. I worked slowly and enjoyed the process. I made a few mistakes along the way. Sometimes I ripped back and fixed them, sometimes I didn’t — Doesn’t bother me one bit!

I’m tough on my handknits because when I take the time to knit something, I live in it. I’ve been wearing my Chiral constantly in the months since I finished it. That’s why the wool is proudly sporting a soft fluffy halo (as any well-loved woolen garment should), which you can see when you enlarge the pictures.

Now that I’ve finished this project I think my next project will be a hat. Well, another hat. I actually just finished a hat recently that I’m going to write about next time, but do you have any other hat patterns on your radar I should check out?


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Gorgeous! Love the name of the yarn and the colors of the outfit. You’ve also sold me on Timberlands as I really, really need a new pair of boots. <3

One of my goals over the winter is to try (again) to learn knitting. I’ve always wanted to but shortly after I start, I’m always so hard on myself because it isn’t ‘perfect’. Over it! Going to try again!


Hello there! It’s so lovely to read your words again and to see you looking so well – I hope you’ve been doing okay.

That shawl is stunning! I’ve just bought the pattern and might handspin the yarn to knit my own.

Personally I see no point in applying capitalist expectations of productivity when knitting for pleasure. I’m glad to hear you found joy and comfort in your stitches, and those feelings will be wrapped around you for years to come.

Julie Culshaw

That is lovely. And, by the way, I love your new hair colour. You look great.

Linda (ACraftyScrivener)

I love the different ways you have worn the shawl, I just finished the cinnabar and while it is lovely and warm, it is a bit bulky. I have made 6 or 7 of the Lakestorm Hat by Kate Oates for presents, just have to finish them off with a giant Pom Pom!


I read this post months ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about your beautiful shawl. I finally picked up a few skeins of your merino worsted to make my own, and I can’t wait!


So pretty, Rochelle! Found this post thru the Making app 😊


[…] started my last project post with “Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite shawl!” and I think that will […]

Tonya steele

Beautiful. Love the colors.

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