Rainy Day Weekender WIP

It’s rainy and cold here today, as it tends to be in April in my neck of the woods, and the gloomy lighting coming in through the window inspired me to create a little scene to showcase my latest work in progress: The Weekender Sweater by Andrea Mowry.

I knit my last shawl project with a friend in a casual long-distance Knit-Along (KAL). It was so uplifting that as soon as I finished I was eager to do it again! My friend Tessa mentioned she just bought yarn for a Weekender, and since I have been meaning to knit a sweater with Organic Merino Worsted I asked if I could tag along.

She enthusiastically said yes and so we FaceTimed for an informal cast-on party, and have been texting eachother pictures of our progress along the way. It’s been less than a week and we’re already just a few inches away from separating the front and back to start shaping the shoulders!

I call this color Hagstone and I dyed this batch especially for this sweater. It’s an understated grey with such beautiful tonal stripes. I’ve dyed this same color recipe as a more variegated color, but there’s something so special about the fabric that’s created when knitting with semi-solids. I’m actually starting to prefer them as opposed to multicolored yarn.

I feel like hand-dyed semi-solid colors don’t get as much love, which is understandable when so many amazing speckled/variegated sock yarns exist out there. Maybe it’s the price point of hand-dyed yarn that drives people to seek a more colorful bang for their buck, but dyeing solids by hand is surprisingly challenging to do and worthy of equal appreciation.

So here’s me writing an appreciation post for all things grey and semi-solid (including my surrogate furbaby, Brigid) on this grey semi-cloudy rainy day. I can’t wait to finish this sweater! In true knitter fashion I’m actually looking forward to a few more cold, dreary, sweater-worthy days ahead. …just a few.


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