NEW! The Drey Bag – Deerly Departed – Yule


*NEW!* Bigger and better than the original Row Bag! Did you know a squirrel’s nest is called a drey? This new, roomier project bag is perfect not only for sweaters but for squirreling away multiple projects as well!

Sizing: 16″ wide at the top, 10″ tall, 10.5″ wide at the bottom with a 6″ boxed corner, 12″ carrying handles. Double drawstring.

Fabric: Sturdy, heavyweight cotton twill outer fabric. Soft and silky organic cotton sateen lining. 100% cotton trimmings. Home Row signature fabrics are printed in the USA with earth-friendly inks and almost no water.

This bag is part of my no-waste initiative, designed to utilize every bit of fabric except the unprinted selvage edge, which I then compost or upcycle.

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