NEW! Portable Yarn Bowl – Wielder of Needles – Raincoat


Back and better than ever! The NEW Portable Yarn Bowls are my most favorite creation to date – New thicker weight fabrics made from heavy-duty cotton twill, new match-y linings made from organic cotton sateen, new anchored drawstrings that will never accidentally get pulled out, and new construction techniques that produce less fabric waste than ever before. Home Row signature fabrics are designed in-house (literally, in my home) and are printed in the United States using non-toxic, biodegradable inks and waterless printing methods.

Minimalist construction and utilitarian function doesn’t have to mean bland design – No fuss, frills, or pockets, but plenty of whimsy and folkloric charm. This is seriously my ideal project bag. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Dimensions: 10″ tall x 13″ wide across top x 5″ gusset at base

Color Combo: Raincoat – includes a vintage black and off-white design on a golden wheat body, a grey faux woodgrain style base, a cobalt blue drawstring/handle, and aqua blue trim.

Only 5 left in stock

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