Keepsake Bag – Bees

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PLEASE NOTE: This batch of bags is on sale because the bees do not repeat seamlessly across the sideseams as they should. This is a cosmetic flaw, not structural (see photo 4).

My Keepsake bags are simple, and yet still something quite special. Utilitarian and unlined, but elevated beyond the basics by professionally finished interior seams, signature fabrics that I’ve designed myself, and beautiful print matching along the sides. Plus! There’s an uplifting message hidden on the top inside binding of each bag – A secret for you and your woolly WIP to know.

Sizing: Great for socks, hats, sleeves, partially assembled sweaters and shawls, etc. – 12.5″ wide by 12″ tall, 12″ carrying handle and standard drawstring closure.

Fabric: Medium weight cotton/linen canvas and 100% cotton trimmings. Home Row signature fabrics are printed in the USA with earth-friendly inks. See care instructions, here.

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