Halloween Knitting Bag – Potions


The color story for this bundle is called Potions — Imagine stumbling upon a dusty cottage apothecary, forgotten to time. Cobwebs hang from the exposed beams and soft light trickles in through a foggy window, illuminating a weathered wood countertop that’s gray with age. Lavender, sage, and other dried, faded herbs lie scattered near a mortar and pestle. The ingredients are here at your fingertips ready to be crafted into potions of magic!

This spookier reworking of my beloved Bat Your Lashes design is probably my most favorite artwork to date! It features the same uplifting poem (written by me) on the inside binding — “Lost at times, I’ve been. Without ground to plant my feet. But there is beauty in the darkness, and it’s mine to tame, to keep.”

Approx. 14″ wide by 14″ tall with a 12″ carrying handle and standard drawstring. Made from earth-friendly lightweight cotton twill.

(moodboard made with royalty-free stock photos, used with permission)

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