Next Shop Update: October 1st

This is exciting! I’m releasing a brand new, limited edition print in time for Halloween. It’s called Bat Your Lashes and I can’t wait to unveil it on October 1st at 3pm EST! Following my recent “bowls with benefits” donation campaign for Dallas Dog RRR earlier this month, I’ve decided to donate $10 from every Bat Your Lashes yarn bowl sold in my shop (up to $300) to BATS QLD, a not-for-profit animal rescue out of Queensland Australia.

I think most people grow up with a fear of bats. I spent my childhood in an old farm house in rural New York so I certainly experienced my fair share of bats in my home. My time studying Veterinary Technology in college only added to that fear when we learned about all the diseases bats can carry. It wasn’t until I discovered BATS QLD on Instagram that I realized how beneficial bats are to the environment, Flying Foxes especially. Flying Foxes play a massive roll in seed dispersion and pollination in Australia and some species face extinction due to hunting and deforestation. Much like our bee population here in the US, bats deserve recognition for their positive impact on the environment and merit protection.

…can we also talk about how ridiculously adorable they are?! I never thought I’d find myself thinking a bat was cute but just look at this little guy!

Check back on Sunday, October 1st at 3:00pm EST for the launch!