Introducing The Chucklings

Allow me to introduce my current obsession: Mama Chuck and The Chucklings!

We’ve had a resident Woodchuck living under the deck of my family’s home for four years now. During year one we named our new friend Chuck Norris, not knowing that year two would bring an extra special delightful surprise — baby chucks! After that, “Chuck” became short for Charlotte Norris, aka Mama Chuck.

Last spring we had no wee chucklings (much to my dismay) but this year Mama Chuck has five brand new bebes!

I’ve set up a wildlife cam in order to capture the rare and wonderful treat that is baby woodchucks.

Here’s a link to their film debut that you can watch on YouTube. I’m not sure why the time stamp is a year off on the footage, I’ll investigate that, but I plan to share more wildlife videos here regularly so I hope you enjoy!

Content Warning: The above video depicts situations featuring extreme and almost unbearable cuteness. You may experience heart palpitations and involuntary noises of shock and delight escaping your body while viewing this content.

You’re welcome 😉

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