How It’s Made

All of the products found on this website are designed in-house by me, the one-woman-show behind Home Row. And by “in house” I quite literally mean I work from a small home studio. Everything starts with a pencil drawing in my sketchbook that I refine digitally in order to magically transform into fabric or other products. I cut and sew all the Portable Yarn Bowls and Keepsake Bags myself using sewing patterns I’ve developed.

The new Portable Yarn Bowls are my most favorite creation to date! They’re sewn using thicker weight fabrics made from heavy-duty cotton twill, ultra-cute match-y linings made from organic cotton sateen, streamlined anchored drawstrings that will never accidentally get pulled out, and cutting/construction techniques that produce less fabric waste than ever before. The tagless design = zero polyester, which means portable yarn bowls are 100% cotton and fully biodegradable. Home Row signature fabrics are printed in the United States using non-toxic, biodegradable inks and waterless printing methods.

I also proudly partner with American artisans, and non-profit organizations for everything that I don’t construct with my own two hands.

Being a lone wolf in small business isn’t for everyone but I honestly enjoy working by myself. Well, I shouldn’t say I’m completely by myself. You can find my devoted canine familiar sleeping under my worktable with one feisty feline nearby, relentlessly attempting to convince me she hasn’t been fed yet. She calls that “helping”.