Home Row Manifesto

Let me preface this by stating I’m a sucker for a good sequence of words. Song lyrics, poems, quotes, they all get to me. It’s a bit of an obsession actually, just ask my high-school duvet who started life as a goose-down-alternative blank canvas and quickly fell victim to a fabric marker, my teen angst, and some pretty bad pop-punk verses. No shame.

Fast forward a bit, almost a decade after high-school in the glorious early days of Pinterest, I stumbled upon an image of a letterpress print called the Aardvark Manifesto. Naturally, I fell in love with it and it stuck with me. I decided that someday I would have my own manifesto though it would be years before I knew what it would say.

I wanted a mantra for Home Row, something like an eloquent pep-talk I could recite to myself on bad days and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. I wanted it to read like a vow I could take (I will neither confirm nor deny that Game of Thrones influenced that aspect). I had been working on and off for weeks trying to find the right sequence of words and finally I landed on something I was proud to share. Something I really believed in.

You inspired the Home Row Manifesto. YOU are my fiber company and I am eternally grateful for you, your business, and your support.