Home Row Manifesto

November 3, 2017

Let me preface this by stating I’m a sucker for a good sequence of words. Song lyrics, poems, quotes, they all get to me. It’s a bit of an obsession actually, just ask my high-school duvet who started life as a goose-down-alternative blank canvas and quickly fell victim to a fabric marker, my teen angst and some pretty bad pop-punk verses. No shame.

Fast forward a bit, almost a decade after high-school in the glorious early days of Pinterest, I stumbled upon an image of a letterpress print called the Aardvark Manifesto. Naturally I fell in love with it and it stuck with me. I decided that some day I would have my own manifesto though it would be years before I knew what it would say. When I launched Home Row Fiber Co. this past Spring I thought okay, this is the thing that deserves a manifesto. This is something I need to work on and make happen.

I wanted a mantra for Home Row, something like an eloquent pep-talk I could recite on bad days and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. I wanted it to read like a vow you could take (I will neither confirm nor deny that Game of Thrones influenced me in some way – insert two winky face emojis). I had been working on and off for weeks trying to find the right sequence of words and finally I landed on something I was proud to share. Something I really believed in.

Fast forward again to September when I posted an image of the finished manifesto on Instagram. The response was SO positive! I was blown away. When you’re a person who’s obsessed with words and you write something that makes others feel the same …well that’s it’s own kind of magic.

I’ve had so many requests for Home Row Manifesto items of various types and I’m slowly starting to roll them out. I recently launched a tote bag and a notebook, both of which you can find in the shop. I’m also investigating a poster print (as requested!) and perhaps a coffee mug. I love coffee as much as I love a good sequence of words so I think that combo would make my mornings pretty fantastic.

As always, thanks for all the love and support for me and Home Row so far. This fiber community is everything <3