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Fabric design and sewing have been passions of mine since I can remember. I grew up in a home with an active and well-loved sewing machine, and I’ve been sewing on my own since age 13 (that’s 20 years now!). I’ve always loved sewing with fun fabrics and I’m proud to say I create my own prints for my signature project bags.

All of the art you see from me is my own, created with my own hands. Sometimes I work from photographs I’ve taken but typically my designs start as a rough sketch on paper before I digitize the art and arrange it as a repeating pattern. Any of my fabrics with a hand on it is my own hand that I’ve digitally traced. I like to have a hand in everything I do!

My fabrics are printed in the United States with non-toxic Oeko-Tex 100 certified biodegradable inks and printing methods that are virtually waterless. It only takes a thimble of water to print five yards of Home Row fabric, whereas traditional fabric printing methods take 50+ gallons to print the same amount.

I design my Row Bags and Keepsake Bags starting with the dimensions of the unprinted fabric yardage. By doing this I’m able to pre-plan the exact number of bag pieces I can cut per yard with virtually no scrap fabric leftover except for the un-printed selvage edges. Because my fabrics are produced without flame-retardants, lead, or formaldehyde, I’m experimenting with composting my scraps this year. My fabrics are 100% cotton, or cotton/linen blends, which means eventually those natural fibers will biodegrade and return to the earth.

I use recycled PET polyester thread for the majority of my sewing because I believe utilizing a mix of ethically sourced natural materials and recycled materials is the best way to be “green”.

I prefer to sew in small batches to prevent unnecessary waste and overstock. Items sell out quickly but I can replenish them quickly as well. When it comes to purchasing threads and trimmings I ditched my wholesale accounts with large suppliers in favor of small businesses and Etsy sellers instead. I want to support as many small businesses as I can while sourcing supplies for my own small business.

My fabrics are expensive to craft when compared to other less bespoke fabric options out there, but I believe they are worth it. If you ever have a suggestion for a design or a specific color combo – send me an email! I love hearing my customer’s ideas and who knows, I just might choose yours for my next batch of bags. 😉

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