Greetings From Sleeve Island!

Greetings From Sleeve Island! Just poppin’ in quick to show you my latest wool sweater that’s almost finished, just in time for summer — Ha!

I know a lot of knitters dread the sleeves on sweaters. It’s often the final step, and though sleeves usually contain far fewer stitches than the body of a sweater, for some reason this final stretch feels like it takes the longest. I’m guessing this general vibe of “When will I be rescued?! When will this end?!” is how Sleeve Island got its name.

I haven’t started drawing faces on volleyballs yet, but I do have a series of mental tally marks carved into a palm tree to keep track of how many days I’ve marooned myself within this one last step!

Yes, I have lost a bit of momentum now that I’m on my last sleeve, but there’s certainly no loss of enthusiasm! I’m marooned for now but not for long!

Back in April my friend Tessa and I cast-on our Weekender Sweaters together in a casual long-distance KAL. It’s been awesome to have the accountability of a friend to keep me focused and making continual progress on a larger project. I highly recommend initiating a causal knit-along with a friend!

Next time I’ll have a fully finished and blocked sweater to share with you in all its glory! Until then, send me recipes for your favorite tropical drinks 😉

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