What is a PDF pattern?
Just like an eBook is a digital version of a paperback book, a PDF pattern is a digital file that you download to your computer to print at home instead of buying the hard copy in a store. After printing out the PDF pattern with your home printer you can use it exactly as you would a normal pattern. A PDF reader such as Adobe Reader is necessary to view these types of digital files. If you don’t currently have Adobe Reader installed, please download it by following this link. It’s free.

How can I access my digital PDF pattern?
A receipt containing your downloadable PDF files will arrive in your email inbox automatically after purchasing a PDF pattern. The email address you used during checkout is the email address where your files will be sent. It may take a few minutes for the purchase receipt including your pattern download to arrive. Please save the files to your computer for future use as your download access is limited. You have 365 days to access your download or 5 download attempts before your pattern expires and you’ll need to purchase a new copy.

Why isn’t my PDF pattern printing to scale?
The default settings on your home printer may “shrink pages to fit” or have other settings enabled that alter the size of the pattern. Make sure the page size is set to “Actual Size”, “100%”, “No Scaling” or a similar setting to ensure your pattern is printing to the intended scale. Look for the pattern page that includes a 2″ x 2″ square to cross check the scale and print that page first before printing the rest of the pattern and instructions.

Why can’t I open my PDF pattern?
If your pattern files are downloaded in a “zipped” folder you’ll have to save it to your desktop and unzip the files before you can view them. Right-click the zipped folder icon and select Extract All.

A PDF reader such as Adobe Reader is needed to view, save, and print PDF files. If you don’t currently have Adobe Reader installed, please download it by following this link. It’s free.

I lost my PDF pattern, where can I download another copy?
If you made an account you can sign-in on the My Account page and access your pattern files. You have 365 and/or 5 download attempts before your pattern expires and you’ll need to purchase a new copy. It is common practice to limit the access of PDF patterns to discourage illegal sharing of digital files.

Can I sell items I’ve made with your patterns?
Home Row patterns are intended for personal, at-home use only and may not be used for commercial production. You can make items for yourself, and you’re definitely encouraged to make items with our patterns to give as gifts! If you have a not-for-profit charity event where you would like to make items to donate, auction, or sell in order to donate all the proceeds, a special licensing agreement can be arranged between Home Row and the maker. Please contact us for more information on our terms of use or making items for charity.

Are there refunds or returns on PDF patterns?
We’re sorry, no. Due to the nature of digital products, all pattern sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. If you cannot access your files or had a problem with your purchase, please contact us and we’ll make sure you get what you need!

Why should I create an account?
By creating an account you can log-in to access your pattern files in case you lose the email containing your PDF purchase. Keep in mind your pattern files do have an expiration date (after 365 days or 5 download attempts)! Please review our Terms & Conditions if you have questions about the information you share with us when creating an account.

Why does my PDF look distorted or blurry when I open it?
If your pattern looks a little funny in Adobe Reader you can select “Edit” in the top menu, scroll down to “Preferences”, then find the Page Display tab from the categories on the left and un-check the box under Rendering that says “Enhance thin lines”.

What are your Privacy Policies and Terms of Use?
Please review our Terms & Conditions, here.

Have another question? Feel free to email us!

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