What is Home Row Fiber Company?

Well “home row” is the place you return to when you’re lost and need to pause, take a breath, and reset. That’s true for typists and for anxious crafters like me. A row of knitting, a row of stitches, the rows of flowers and hedges around my yard… that’s my Home Row. The term ‘fiber company’ has a dual meaning as well. It’s a play on words and a future aspiration. I believe fiber folks are the best company to keep. Plus I create my own fabrics (and someday yarn!) so that’s the aspiration aspect of it. Fiber Company represents me because I am a small business but I’m first a creative, sensitive person obsessed with fiber who craves community. YOU are my fiber company and I am eternally grateful for you, your business, and your support. You inspired the Home Row Manifesto.

Who is Home Row Fiber Company?

Hi there. I’m Rochelle, the one-woman show behind Home Row. It’s just me, a devoted rescued Pit Bull snoring under my worktable and a spitfire former street cat constantly trying to usurp my ironing board. Plus a few magnanimous family members who get suckered into helping me here and there when I need it.

I’ve called myself many things over the years: textile designer, pattern maker, amateur photographer, fabric wizard (aka seamstress), wielder of needles (aka slow knitter), animal lover (aka certifiably obsessed dog/cat mom), DnD playin’ super nerd, etc. …but mostly I Am A Maker.

I stem from a long line of makers who taught me many lessons in how to ‘Make Do’ while ever appreciating the pure joy of making and doing. I live for the alchemy and empowerment of making, plus the uplifting satisfaction that accompanies crafting usable, everyday objects. There’s real magic in that and so I do my best to create magical things. I want to share this magic with you.

I’m most inspired by my woodland surroundings, animals, folk art, bygone eras, epic fantasy novels, the everyday objects. …and, maybe above all, Lord Of The Rings. …Did I mention I was a nerd?

Where is Home Row Fiber Company?

I currently work out of a small home studio space in a small city in the Finger Lakes region of New York. I live with Lucille (my familiar beast/the devoted Pit Bull as mentioned above) and Lucille’s BFF, Nancy (the spitfire former street cat also mentioned above). There’s rarely ever a free seat on the couch for my lifemate James but we try to make room.

Want to know more?

You can get to know me better by reading my personal journal, Lucky Lucille, or by listening to me honestly and enthusiastically ramble on the Love To Sew Podcast.