Earth-Friendly Packaging

Here at Home Row Fiber Co. I use earth-friendly recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Simply put, my goal is to send you beautiful products with no accompanying garbage or plastic. To eliminate as much waste as possible, on your end and mine, I’ve adopted a minimalist approach to my packaging. Packing slips, business cards, postcards, shipping envelopes, and tissue paper are made from recycled content and should be recycled again. I eliminated unnecessary product hangtags, cellophane enamel pin wrap, and any other packaging that would end up in the trash. My shipping labels are also waste-free and fully recyclable!

Why? Because when I stop to think about how I impact the earth and its creatures, I feel more connected to the earth and its creatures. That connection is important to me and so I strive to deepen it.

When your handcrafted goodies arrive you’ll find a few things included in the package: a Home Row Fiber Co. business card, a postcard that you can keep and frame, and the packing slip for your order. Each of these items are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper content.

When researching my options for plastic-free packaging I stumbled upon custom-branded tissue paper. If you’re also looking to elevate your small business packaging and reduce plastic waste at the same time, I can definitely recommend noissue. I find this tissue paper to be surprisingly durable compared to plain tissue papers I’ve tried in the past. It’s printed with soy ink on acid-free FSC-certified paper made from 30% recycled content (mixed with environmentally responsible virgin paper fiber). And! Just an added bonus, every order I place with noissue plants a tree!

I love EcoEnclose for their durable kraft paper shipping envelopes which are constructed entirely from recovered paper trash. As if that wasn’t earth-friendly enough, these particular mailers are naturally biodegradable whereas so many other mailers are not. They’re made in the USA, too!

I’m also proud to use EcoEnclose 100% waste-free shipping labels to print your postage. Industry-standard shipping labels are manufactured with a non-recyclable silicone coated release liner. The Zero Waste Label Release Liners are made from recycled paper and feature a unique liner that I can recycle at home when I’m done printing your label.

When you’re all finished opening your package from me, pretty please place all of the paper you don’t wish to keep back into the recycling system so it can be broken down and repurposed all over again.

I’m not a perfectly waste-free business (yet!) but I’m consistently looking for ways to improve my relationship with Middle Earth. …I mean Mother Earth 😉

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reincarnate!

(Please note: this is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links included.)

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Candice Raven Morrow

Excellant! Thank you for the links to the recycled packaging sites!


Is the background of the noissue tissue paper one of the colours that they offer? or which colour is it? Love it!!

Ellen S

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We only have one Earth, we need to protect it.

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