Celebrate The Endless Potential In The Unfinished

Here I am, on a Friday, a creative small business owner who just launched two new t-shirt designs for the spring season. I sent out a newsletter, posted to Instagram and now instead of sharing more of the finished product and the marketing aspect of launching something new to sell, I wanted to share the original sketch that inspired the artwork, as well as some unpolished thoughts on WIPs.

I love when fellow artists share in-progress photos like this! It’s so easy to get caught up in the super polished Instagram posts that only feature the best version of life/work/art etc. It’s important to honor the work-in-progress. The messy, sketchy, half-finished roots that grow to become something greater.

This is a message I need to remind myself of regularly. Unpolished/Unfinished is actually a really special and energizing place to be when you stop stressing about the end product. Remember to celebrate the endless potential in these unfinished WIP moments!

Weekend Affirmation:

I will celebrate the endless potential in the unfinished.

Just pause and feel the energy of that sentence for a minute. Think about what it means and how it feels to know you have endless potential within this in-progress space.

Adults are constantly expected to start things and then finish them, to make a to-do list and then check those boxes off as quickly as possible. We’re rarely ever rewarded or even acknowledged for the work that happens between those two finite points. And yet that’s the space where all the magic happens! In between starting and finishing is where you’re literally making the magic. Remember that.

So say that affirmation with me and then truly acknowledge and reward yourself for the WIP magic you’re making! Acknowledging yourself for your progress, no matter how unpolished, feels so much less stressful than the usual “Uhhgg! I need to finish this perfectly and immediately!” right? Do you feel more warm and buzzy now?

Mindset shifts for the win!


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