Hi there. I’m Rochelle New (she/her), the one-woman show behind Home Row Fiber Co. It’s just me and my familiar beast, a sweet-tempered former street cat, who’s constantly trying to usurp my ironing board. Her name is Nancy and she swears she’s “helping”.

I’m a fabric wizard, a wielder of needles, a cat mom, a D&D playin’ super nerd, a nature lover, a Green Witch, and a purveyor of craftical magic. I’m also a disabled maker, born with a rare skin disease called Lamellar Ichthyosis, and more recently diagnosed with an endocrine disorder known as PMDD. And no, disabled is not a bad word. It’s a word I celebrate.

I stem from a long line of makers who’ve taught me many lessons in how to ‘Make Do’ while ever appreciating the simple joy found in making and doing. There’s a feeling of alchemy and empowerment that accompanies crafting things with your own hands. There’s real magic in that and so I do my best to create magical things. I want to share this magic with you, and encourage you to craft your own magic in turn.

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Head Witch In Charge. Fiber Alchemist. Knitter, seamstress, nature nerd. D&D Half-Elf Druid.

Jr. Supervisor

Former Street Cat. Pescatarian. Blankie fort enthusiast. Avid bird watcher. Catnip mouser.


RIP the goodest girl. Rescued Pit Bull. Senior lady. Cat food cleanup crew. Nap Queen.

My Craft

I make earth-forward project bags and hand-dyed yarn for fiber wizards in pursuit of craftical magic. I design my fabrics myself and sew each project bag in my home studio. My fabrics are printed here in the U.S. on biodegradable fibers using waterless printing methods. I’ve painstakingly laid out each of my repeats to ensure minimal fabric waste after cutting, and the scraps I do end up with get composted. My yarn is hand-dyed on organic and eco-friendly bases. I use low-impact dyes that are free of toxic heavy metals and meet organic standards.

My Self Care Routine

When I’m not working I like to relax by hanging out with my lifemate, James, and our cat baby, Nancy. I love tending my garden and feeding the birds that frequent my backyard. I enjoy spending time outdoors studying native plants and animals. I collect rocks, four leaf clovers, cat whiskers, and books on earth-based magic. Accessories like hats, mittens, and shawls are my favorite things to knit. My favorite place to visit is Salem, Massachusetts. I’ve been known to take a cemetery tour or ghost tour whenever visiting a new place. Renaissance Festivals are one of my favorite summer pastimes. I wear wigs so every now and then I’ll treat myself to some new fancy hair. My backyard archery skills are getting pretty good and my D&D character is still alive, so I’m basically winning at life!

What Is Magic?

I believe there is magic in all things, especially the things you can craft with your own hands. The flame that sparks a candle to life is magic. Planting seeds and watching them grow is magic. Baking with fresh herbs from your garden is magic. Taking two sticks and a length of woolen string and tangling it all up in intentional knots is magic. Yes, knitting is definitely magic! The transformation of seemingly mundane materials into something far more precious is real alchemy, and that’s the magic I practice daily. This alchemy and empowerment, the transformation of materials (and the transformation of self) is the magic I want to share with you. You have this same magic and I encourage you to craft it every day.