Hello, I’m Rochelle. The one-woman show behind Home Row Fiber Co.

I’ve called myself many things over the years: fabric/pattern designer, blogger, amateur photographer, fabric wizard, wielder of needles, slow knitter, nerd …also a less than mediocre cook, but mostly I’m A Maker.

I stem from a long line of makers who taught me many lessons in how to ‘Make Do’ while ever appreciating the plain joy of making and doing. I live for the alchemy and empowerment of making, and the simple pleasure that accompanies crafting things to use and love every day. There’s real magic in that. I believe the most genuine beauty is found in the things that are useful, and I certainly do my best to create beautiful things.

I currently reside in the Finger Lakes region of New York with my spirit animal (Lucille), and my very significant other, James. I’m most inspired by my woodland surroundings, animals, folk art, bygone eras, epic fantasy novels, and everyday objects. …and Lord Of The Rings (did I mention I was a nerd?).

You can get to know me better by reading my personal blog, Lucky Lucille, and listen to me on the Love To Sew Podcast.

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