About Rochelle

Hi there. I’m Rochelle, the one-woman show behind Home Row Fiber Co. It’s just me, a devoted rescued Pit Bull snoring robustly under my worktable and a spitfire former street cat constantly trying to usurp my ironing board.

I’ve called myself many things over the years: fabric wizard (aka seamstress), wielder of needles (aka slow knitter), guardian of familiar beasts (aka certifiably obsessed dog/cat mom), D&D playin’ super nerd (aka legit nerd) …but mostly I Am A Maker.

I stem from a long line of makers who’ve taught me many lessons in how to ‘Make Do’ while ever appreciating the simple joy found in making and doing. There’s a feeling of alchemy and empowerment that accompanies crafting things with your own hands. There’s real magic in that and so I do my best to create magical things. I want to share this magic with you, and encourage you to craft your own magic in turn.

I’m most inspired by my woodland surroundings, animals, folk art, bygone eras, epic fantasy novels, all things occult, the everyday objects …and, maybe above all, Lord Of The Rings. Did I mention I was a nerd?

Other fun facts: I have a degree in Veterinary Technology, I’m an amateur birder, I was born with a rare skin disorder called Lamellar Ichthyosis (Dragonborn woodland mermaids represent!), I’m a PMDD sufferer handler, a Scorpio, I got my first of many tarot card decks at age 13, I’ve got a closet full of Renaissance Festival costumes, and I’m pretty sure I accidentally walked through a ghost once while visiting Savannah, GA.

Wanna know more? You can do a deeper dive by following me on Instagram, or a reeeaaalllly deep dive by checking out my old blog, Lucky Lucille.

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