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I’m sure you’ve noticed a recurring theme of magic, hands, and general wool wizardry in most of my products. That’s because I genuinely believe there’s a very real magic that exists in crafting things with your own two hands. My mom will tell you I’ve been a student of this magic since age two when I drew my first frame-worthy picture. The older I get the more I want to share this magic and encourage others to craft their own magic in turn. More specifically, the sticks and string sector of magic. Yes, out of allllll the crafts I’ve encountered in my life it’s knitting that feels the most magic to me.

Twenty Twelve was the year I learned how to knit, it was the year I started my craft blog and it was also the year I started vending at craft fairs attempting to sell things I had made with my own two hands. Since then I’ve gone through many definitions of “things” that I sell, and a few different business names of things I sell under, but now here we are.

I chose the name Home Row because it’s the place you return to when you’re lost and need to take a breath and reset. That’s true for writers and it’s also true for anxious crafters like me. A row of knitting, a row of stitches, the hedgerow around my yard, the row I wish I lived on (Bagshot Row in the Shire), the stories I enjoy reading and the stories I enjoy telling… All of that is my Home Row and all of that forms the foundation of my small business story.

Funny fact: I absolutely LOVE the show Murder, She Wrote. Like, love love. J.B. Fletcher’s typewriter, plus her beautiful home with that perfect garden and quaint picket fence (and her sweaters!!), were all inspirations for the Home Row brand on top of the obvious “wool and wood magic” theme. I actually have the same model of typewriter that Jessica uses in the show, no big deal.

The term ‘fiber company’ has both a literal and figurative meaning for me as well. I create my own fabrics and yarn (the literal), plus I believe fiber folks are the best company to keep (the figurative). ‘Fiber Co.’ represents me because I’m a small business in the fiber industry but I’m first a fiber-obsessed creative who craves community. YOU are my fiber company and I am eternally grateful for you, your business, and your support. You inspired the Home Row Manifesto.

I currently work out of a small home studio in a small town in the Finger Lakes region of New York. I live with my familiar beasts, Lucille (a devoted adopted Pit Bull), and Nancy (a #cutebutcrazy former street cat). There’s rarely ever a free seat on the couch for my lifemate James but we try to make room.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my little business. I hope you find something in my shop that ignites the magic within you.

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