A New (Ad)Venture

January 30, 2017

Hi there,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Rochelle and I’m a sewer/knitter living in the quaintly tranquil Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. I’m a dedicated dog mom to a rescued Am Staff/Mini Bull Terrier mix named Lucille, an epic supernerd for all things Lord Of The Rings, a self-taught pattern designer and photographer, and at the moment I’m very much a one-woman Swiss army knife. I design and develop my patterns and graphics, I take my own photos and maintain my own website. I enjoy having a hand in all of that.

Most of you probably know me from my blog, Lucky Lucille, where I’ve been candidly sharing my sewing and knitting projects since January 2012. In that time I’ve learned a great many things about myself, what being A Maker means to me, and what types of projects I feel most passionately about.

Basically, I’m in love with the basics.

For me, keeping it simple keeps the joy in making. Sometimes I get that itch and I just want to make SOMETHING. When that happens, sewing a super easy pillowcase or cat nip toy for my cats, or knitting a basic beanie for the umpteenth time …that does it for me. That makes me happy. Just. Making. Things.

But not just any things, useful things, like the workhorse essentials and the understated items that become part of your daily routine whether you think about it or not. Whenever I leave the house, my Pixie Wallet goes with me. I reach for my hand-knit hats and scarves like an involuntary reflex. This comforting collective of basic me-made items is what makes my soul glow and I’ve vowed to surround myself with as much me-made-soul-glow-y goodness that I can. I find so much satisfaction in the small projects and I want to share that with you. I want to design and develop the tools that encourage this kind of making.

So I’m doing it!

And so I bring you Home Row Fiber Co. – a collective of patterns, projects, and blog posts for sewers and knitters seeking essential accessories for human and home. This is not a rebrand, but a more meaningful name for something I’ve always been working towards.

Home Row Fiber Co has both a literal and deeper figurative meaning. Home and Row refer to rows of knitting and stitching done at home, but it’s also a play on the familiar typing term “Home Row” – the place you return to when you’re lost and need to reset. Fiber Company has a literal meaning of a business involving fabric and wool but the bigger meaning comes from our moral fiber and the company we keep and how that brings us all together as Makers under a common purpose.

It is the most perfect name for this vision of mine!

Fear not, my personal blog will continue to exist as a support and extension of Home Row. I will continue to post personal projects and WIPs regularly there. The Home Row blog will focus on the me-made wardrobe and handmade home, with an emphasis on these small basic projects I’ve come to love, and how they integrate into our homemade lives. I will share lots of tutorials and blog posts that showcase my patterns and personal projects in practical use as inspiration. As I said, much of what you’ve seen from me since 2012, all of the good stuff I love to share, will stay the same. The difference is a bigger picture and bigger purpose for myself and what I’m most passionate about.

I have two patterns slated for an early Spring release and many more in development for later this year. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!

Thank you for starting this new adventure with me,
xo Rochelle

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